Anyone wanting to test ICS FTP client applications is welcome to use my
public FTP testing server at:

This runs the latest version of the ICS FTP server, currently v7.16, with
full Unicode and SSL support on port 990.  This is useful for testing all
the extended FTP command supported, such as HOST, XDMLSD -R (recursively
list all directories), MD5, one time passwords, etc, which the ICS FTP
client supports.  

Anonymous read only access is freely available, with write access
available on request, subject to cancellation without notice for abuse
and no private uploads, everything uploaded is available to anyone. 

Special accounts are available for unusual authentication methods.  Note
heavy blacklisting of failed logins is enforced, due to continual hacking
attempts.  All FTP sessions are logged to a SQL database and can be
accessed by a web page which reports download speeds, etc. 

Download speeds are currently limited by an ancient firewall so the
server is not ideal for performance testing (despite having 100 Mbit

The public server also hosts various alternate FTP servers, but these
were mostly set-up two years ago and so are not the latest versions, no
anonymous access, only an account.  These FTP servers are how the ICS FTP
client has been thoroughly tested for compatibility.


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