> Personally, I cannot make it work even with Filezilla:
> Command:        PASV
> Response:       227 Entering Passive Mode (217,146,102,142,82,27).
> Command:        MLSD
> Response:       150 Opening data connection for directory list.
> Error:  GnuTLS error -53: Error in the push function.

I get the same error with SSL in both ICS and FileZilla, I have opened
port 990 on the firewall but it looks like the firewall is blocking the
FTP channel for SSL, because it can not see the control channel.  This is
the server log. 

11:50:11 anonymous [] [27] < PASV 
11:50:11 anonymous [] [27] > 227 Entering Passive Mode
11:50:11 anonymous [] [27] < MLSD 
11:50:11 anonymous [] [27] Starting to Build Directory Listing:

11:50:11 anonymous [] [27] > 150 Opening data connection for
directory list.
11:50:32 anonymous [] [27] Session over, disconnected after 23
secs, total recv 118, total xmit 303
11:50:33 EXEC ftp_events_add1

I'll have to look at restricting the range of data ports allowed and open
them in the firewall, but it will not be this week.  

I'm afraid I do all my SSL testing bypassing the firewalls. 


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