Fastream Technologies wrote:

>> During my tests last week it did not trigger OnRequestDone on
>> relocations with StatusCode = 0 any more and that worked thru a
>> proxy as well with different types of authentication.
>> is good for testing relocations (3 or 4) and you
>> should setup a proxy for testing as well, Squid for Windows seems to
>> work quite well with basic, ntlm and digest, however with NTLM it
>> reqiures a user code in the form of <domain>\<username>

> We need the option to have THttpCli trigger OnRequestDone with
> 301/302/307s as backwards compatibility.

It never worked, it was buggy as hell. Sometimes OnRequestDone
triggered sometimes not and with error code null, do you realy want
that 'feature' back? There's the OnLocationChange event that
should be used instead to handle relocations IMO.

Arno Garrels    
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