Fastream Technologies wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 1:07 PM, Arno Garrels <>
> wrote: 
>> Fastream Technologies wrote:
>>>> During my tests last week it did not trigger OnRequestDone on
>>>> relocations with StatusCode = 0 any more and that worked thru a
>>>> proxy as well with different types of authentication.
>>>> is good for testing relocations (3 or 4) and you
>>>> should setup a proxy for testing as well, Squid for Windows seems
>>>> to work quite well with basic, ntlm and digest, however with NTLM
>>>> it reqiures a user code in the form of <domain>\<username>
>>> We need the option to have THttpCli trigger OnRequestDone with
>>> 301/302/307s as backwards compatibility.
>> It never worked, it was buggy as hell. Sometimes OnRequestDone
>> triggered sometimes not and with error code null, do you realy want
>> that 'feature' back? There's the OnLocationChange event that
>> should be used instead to handle relocations IMO.
> Yes we have had to override SetReady() and some other methods to get
> it to work for us as well. The point is, when writing a proxy such as
> the one we do, you need to have a "tunnel" mode. I think when
> followrelocation is not set, it should be triggered.

Yes it should, get latest ICS from SVN and give it a trial, report
any bugs to the list. Working around ICS bugs in your own derived 
components isn't realy a good idea since ICS doesn't keep bugs just
for backwards compatibility. Better fix the ICS-component and
send the SVN-patch file created from latest SVN-revision to this list. 

Arno Garrels
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