Hi Arno,

Thanks for the response.

> Have a look at the OverbyteIcsWebServ demo it provides Basic, Digest 
> and NTLM examples and one for all three authentication types. 

It produces the same result with Safari. The source file is "Mar 04, 2006

In the example, if the client URL is configured correctly the auth will be
set to the data contained in the URL. If the URL is '/' which is the case
when the user is browsing to an IP address, the auth configured on the
THttpServer component is used. And that is the rub. I need to leave the
property as basic auth but Safari only accepts digest.

So, it appears I need have users of Safari use a special URL so I can change
the auth to digest.

Sound right?



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I have been using AuthType set to atBasic to support all comers.

I have a new user that is using Safari and it appears to only use atDigest.
I have not found a setting in Safari to allow basic mode. I tried sending
the user name or user name and password from Safari in the url but that did
not work.

I do not see in THttpServer how to support both. 




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