Arno Garrels wrote:
> zayin wrote:
>> Hi Arno,
>> Thanks for the response.
>>> Have a look at the OverbyteIcsWebServ demo it provides Basic, Digest
>>> and NTLM examples and one for all three authentication types.
>> It produces the same result with Safari. The source file is "Mar 04,
>> 2006 V1.5".
> You use a very old ICS version. Please update to latest ICSv7,
> available here:
>> In the example, if the client URL is configured correctly the auth
>> will be set to the data contained in the URL. If the URL is '/' which
>> is the case when the user is browsing to an IP address, the auth
>> configured on the THttpServer component is used. And that is the rub.
>> I need to leave the property as basic auth but Safari only accepts
>> digest.
>> So, it appears I need have users of Safari use a special URL so I can
>> change the auth to digest.
>> Sound right?
> Don't think so, the server sends the supported auth.-types with the
> 407-response to the client (as header lines one for each supported
> auth.-type). The client picks the one it likes, that works very well
> with current demo.

Correction: It sends the authorization headers with the 401 response,
407 is sent by proxies only (I was recently too busy with HTTP proxies :)
See method THttpConnection.Answer401.

Arno Garrels 

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