It's an page request that generates a 301 status. HttpAsy is not a
threaded application, seems there the same url will then not generate
a problem. HttpThr1 doesn't do a async call so again no problem.

There should be no difference between running the component in the
context of a worker thread or the VCL main thread, provided you did it
all right. If the problem cannot be reproduced with one of the demo
applications or with a simple, single threaded test application it's
likely not a ICS-bug.


I owe you an apology! There are no problems reported in my software with the latest version ! Sorry!

What happened is that the test runs more then several hours. I normally stop it after 45 mins because otherwise i need several days for just a few test runs. However when the thread terminates the calls to the getasync are not correctly stopped (!) and that is when the error start appearing. I saw this last night when i suddenly noticed that the timestamp for the error message was always at the same time as when terminating the thread.

I will correct that issue and then run some extra tests to confirm that indeed when not using a proxy the issue is solved. Thanks again for your time!

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