>Only if your ICS project needs to access more than 2 gigs of memory (or
>is it 4), or is a DLL called by other 64-bit applications.  
Well, native apps get more efficiency anyway.

>ICS is currently being tested for 64-bit computability, which
>unfortunately means replacing 32-bit assembler.
I guess asm blocks could be adopted to x64 too. Emb-ro advices to reject asm at 
all though.

I examined the ICS units some time ago and found only several places that *may* 
require changing. But maybe WinSock wrappers would require it as Windows' types 
lika UINT, LRESULT etc are used quite rarely, most coders use general integer 
types instead.

>When working with Windows messages I often use a pattern like...
Well, they paid a special attention of "message crackers" in the preview video. 
They are likely to be changed.

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