Given Embarcadero's total distain for "the little folk", I hope ICS 
will continue to leave versions of the ICS which are compatible with 
Delphi 4 and Delphi 7 on the ICS website, for those of us still doing 
productive work on the "early" Delphis which can... shock horror!... 
still be installed on systems simply by entering a registration key, 
rather than via an online registration process which leaves the 
package owner vulnerable to the marketing choices of the software 

As Kylix seems "dead", I hope Lazarus is thriving, and that a version 
of ICS which works with that is/ will remain available... but will 
understand that if Lazarus is NOT doing well, the energy to support 
it cannot be justified.


On 6 Apr 2011 at 14:28, Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:

> > I examined the ICS units some time ago and found only several 
> > places that *may* require changing.
> Most people are aware that Embarcadero does not allow it's beta testers
> to identify themselves except under limited circumstances, nor talk about
> beta products.   
> But since ICS and many other components are always ready for new Delphi
> releases, some people may assume that one or more of us have access to
> new Delphi code before it's release, to update and test components as
> necessary.  
> Hypothetically, limited testing of ICS under 64-bit may have been done
> successfully already.  If the annual Delphi release schedule of August or
> September is followed again this year, a lot may still change.   
> There have been over 200 messages about 64-bit in the non-technical
> newsgroup over the last two days, with various suggestions that may get
> taken up and cause more changes. 
> Embarcadero is accepting applications for beta access on it's 64-bit web
> page, and such people could similarly get access to test ICS. 
> Angus
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