> I hope ICS 
> will continue to leave versions of the ICS which are compatible 
> with Delphi 4 and Delphi 7 on the ICS website

The latest ICS V6 and V7 are still fully compatible with Delphi 7 and
2007, and will remain so, since Arno uses the former and I the latter
(and have some old D7 projects).  Few people want to update major old
projects to Unicode so support for these is essential for years to come. 

Earlier Delphi releases are more problematic, since Borland was still
adding language features like int64, 64-bit streams and dynamic arrays.
ICS V5 still supports Delphi 6 and earlier, but only gets bug fixes for
serious issues. 

> As Kylix seems "dead", I hope Lazarus is thriving

The Embarcadero roadmap for future releases shows:

- Delphi 64 bit
- Mac OSX support
- Server Linux support
- GUI linux support 

and if you look in the source code for the Delphi XE libraries, you will
find a lot of conditional code such as: 

  ExeBaseAddress = Pointer($8048000) platform;
  ExeBaseAddress = Pointer($10000) platform;
{$IF defined(CPUX64)}
  FSSegBase: Pointer = nil; 
procedure _GetCallerEIP;

so I think you can assume that a lot of work has already been done on
these implementations by Embarcadero.  

The main issue with Linux/Mac is the same as Kylix, which is no windows
events and no VCL, which makes supporting these from the same ICS code
base as Windows very difficult. 


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