Thank you Francois

It's unfortunately an existing API I need to interface with. The encoding is
Base64, so I'll need to find a delphi lib to get it back to regular XML. I
was hoping for some autmation with the process, but looks like it's going to
be a few late nights.

Have a good easter all.


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> Just a quick question. I need to interface to a XML RPC API, but I havent
> got the foggiest were to start. Could the ICS possibly assist?

XML RPC is a remote procedure call (RPC) protocol which uses XML to encode 
its calls and HTTP as a transport mechanism. "XML-RPC" also refers 
generically to the use of XML for remote procedure call, independently of 
the specific protocol.

ICS can help because the transport layer (HTTP) is already there for client 
and server side.

Where to start ? Look here:
Once you understand the XML formatting, you use ICS to transport it.

by the way, unless XML RPC is a requirement, there are much efficient ways 
of doing the same thing. One of the many is by using my other component 
library named MidWare (See my website).

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