Anyway I never though names would be a problem in a non official unit...

Official or not, function names should reflect the propose, or readers will fail to find it, of find wrong code for what they are looking for. Anyway, I was just digging to see if something else was behind this incorrect names, and warning for the possibility a ICS team member could add to ICS the code with these names, resulting in almost impossible to find later by someone searching for the functionality.

I'm working with Delphi 7 so I don't know if in more recent releases the
HTMLDecode function has been updated.
No. Continue incomplete in newest Delphi versions.
But I was referring to the HTTPApp functions algorithm, not the functions itself. Allocating the maximum possible result string length at the beginning, and using pointers, is usually more efficient than all these copy and concatenation operations you are using in your code. Sorting these entities names/values strings arrays, to enable binary search and replace with it the slow AnsiIndexStr function, could also improve the efficiency.

unit ALFcnHTML.pas, of the Alcinoe set of components (, also has an implementation of these functions.

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