I'm trying to create a FTP server with SSL. The client(on Win7) and
server(on Win2008 R2) are on two separate computers.  Initially, we
had problems with the SSL handshake, when trying to retrieve a
directory listing.  Now, all we get is a time out.

Here's the lines in the server log when the timeout occurs:
14:38:28:406 020DAEC0 TriggerEvents 608 SslState: SSL_ST_OK  // MayFD_Read=0 
MayDoRecv=-1 MayFD_Write=-1 MaySslTryToSend=-1 bSslAllSent=-1 bAllSent=-1
14:38:28:406 020DAEC0 BIO_ctrl_pending(nbio) = 0   [265]
14:38:28:406 020DAEC0 BIO_ctrl_pending(sslbio) = 0   [266]
14:38:28:406 020DAEC0 BIO_ctrl_get_write_guarantee(nbio) = 4096   [267]
14:38:43:540 020DAEC0 TCustomSslWSocket.Do_FD_CLOSE error #0 608
14:38:43:540 020DAEC0 *CloseCalled 608

Any help would be appreciated.

Best regards,
 Daniel Rail
 Senior Software Developer
 ACCRA Solutions Inc. (www.accra.ca)
 ACCRA Med Software Inc. (www.filopto.com)

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