For a server yes, but it's not "trouble" if you know the ports it's
configured to use, and make appropriate holes in the Server's firewall.

The client end, even for secure FTP still does not need any
firewall/router meddlings when "Passive" mode is used, as again it only
makes outgoing connections, just like (well, there are differences) a
web browser going to a secure page.

As earlier, I run a couple of such boxes, and once the server end is
sorted, the clients "just work" with no fuss at all.

Have a good weekend.

I will *NOT* be watching that wedding, I've got better things to do with
my time! :-)


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> Subject: Re: [twsocket] FTP Timeout Problem
> > Any half decent firewall or NAT router, will handle all that 
> > transparently.
> That is correct for normal FTP, where the router can read the 
> control channel and check the internal IP address and 
> translate it to an external address, but not for SSL since 
> the control connection is encrypted and can not be changed.  
> This is why FTP servers behind NAT are trouble.  
> Angus
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