Currently I'm facing an issue in a Server application that 
uses TSSLWSocketServer. I'm setting to the SSLContext a server certificate 
identified in code as SSLContext.SslCertFile, with the correct private key file 
identified as SSLContext.SslPrivKeyFile and a password. Also I'm adding a 
CAFile identified as SslContext.SslCAFile. All files are .pem format and stored 
locally in my application folder (not in Certificate Store). A client 
application sends a message and uses a X509 Certificate from the same CA as my 
own certificates. The current scenario is as follows:1. The client doesn't have 
a client version of my certificates (With my client certificate issued for me 
the communication works perfectly but this is not an option as project 
specification doesn't allow providing certificates to clients)2. I have to 
use SslContext.SslVerifyPeer = True3. I'm receiving the following message in 
the SSLVerifyPeer event: Error  = 7 (certificate signature
 failure).The requirement is: if the client sends its own client certificate 
but has the same CA as my server certificate than the communication (client 
sends a message to server) should be possible. I already tried to implement in 
the SSLVerifyPeer event so this method always returns true but with no positive 
outcome: the mentioned error does not appear it just connects the client, 
performs a handshake and disconnects the client and the message never arrives. 
Please advice!
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