marius gabi wrote:
> Thank you for your feedback.In my current scenario the certificate
> structure is as follows: 
>     Server(my application) | Client
>   Root certificate -same as- Root certificate
>   Intermediary CA    -not same as- Intermediary CA
>   Server Cert -not same as- Client Cert

>> (With my
>> client certificate issued for me the communication works perfectly
>> but this is not an option as project specification doesn't allow
>> providing certificates to clients)
> When I stated this I was referring to following certificate structure:
>     Server(my application) | Client
>   Root certificate = 0 -same as- Root certificate = 0
>   Intermediary CA = 1 signed by 0    -same as- Intermediary CA = 1
>   Server Cert = 2 signed by 1 -not same as- Client Cert= 2 signed by 1
> Hope this is clear enough. I'm looking forward to your feedback.

Please read my previous message again, I already showed a resolution
to this scenario.

In short:
1)Use a certificate chain file as the SslCertFile containing both
server's certificate and server's intermediate CA certificate.

2) Use a SslCAFile containing the root and clients's Intermediary CA
Arno Garrels 
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