Currently I'm using HtmlSmtpClient and planing update to SslSmtClient.
and get next questions to migrate current code to ssl.
1- with html client can be sent mail at once in html with embedded images and plain text. this can be done with ssl client? 2- if with ssl client only can be send as html or text and I send mail as html, what happen if destination client only support plain text, who gets it can read the mail?

Using SSL for SMTP client doesn't change anything about what the mail is or can contain. SSL is used at the lowest level for transporting data. Whatever transport is, a SMTP mail is always the same format: a single text document. Even when sent as HTML with embedded images and independently of SSL, an email is always a simple text file. Simply, the text file is either plain text or text formatted a certain way named MIME to embed HTML and images. You should consider the SMTP client is organized with layers: a transport layer (itself divided in one or two layer according to the presence or not of SSL), a message layer (simple text lines forming a header and a body) and a multipart content (plain text, html and images). Each mayer make use of the layer below it.

Does it helps ?

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