> What I want to know is we already have the cache memory stream 
> which we read from and there is multiple copying of data as 
> TMemoryStream->FDocBuf->ICS> internal buffer->Winsock. 

Most static files are currently served using TFileStream which is
unbuffered with no cache, so reading large amounts into a larger FDocBuf
is more efficient than at present.  

Obviously specific THttpSrv implementations may be loading the stream in
different ways, from caches or whatever, and messing with buffer sizes,
but many people (including my own implementations) just use the server
defaults, which are not very efficient. 

You can not read a stream straight into TIcsBufferHandler used by
PutDataInSendBuffer in WSocket, it only accepts pointers.  There are
multiple buffer 'pages' 1,460 bytes in size, not necessarily in
contiguous memory, so they have to filled one at a time. Each call to
PutDataInSendBuffer does a lock of all the buffers, so a larger FDocBuf
means before locks.  

So the changes I propose to OverbyteIcsHttpSrv will essentially be the
same as the FTP server, including using TBufferedFileStream, a larger
FDocBuf if the stream size justifies it, and increasing the socket TCP
buffer likewise, no point in allocating 32K buffers for a 2K GIF image. 


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