Paul Read wrote:
> I was using version 708 using the latest (721) I now at least get the
> response to the 401 being sent back :-) 
> But still the request is rejected by the server.  Wireshark shows
> that the digest authorization response calculated by ICS is different
> to that calculated by cURL. (THe nonce given was the same for ICS and
> cURL). The cURL response is accepted, the ICS response is not.   
> cURL:
> Digest username=\"bob\", realm=\"PUSH Authentication\",
> nonce=\"132577494\", uri=\"/push\",
> response=\"ce032cf8dad4898084e1a3f7f34148c8\", algorithm=\"MD5\"  
> ICS:
> Digest username=\"bob\",realm=\"PUSH
> Authentication\",nonce=\"132577494\",uri=\"/push\",response=\"7e843d8e80bd9265b467916afbc9cb2e\"
> How can I be sure ICS is using MD5 and not MD4 or something else?

It does use MD5, see digest source in OverbyteIcsDigestAuth.pas.

As per RFC 2617 "MD5" is the default algorithm and optionally (some browsers 
don't send it either):

     A string indicating a pair of algorithms used to produce the digest
     and a checksum. If this is not present it is assumed to be "MD5"."

Also I recently tested digest authentication against various proxy servers
successfully. Please post the server challenge, does it by any chance request
"auth-int"? auth-int is not supported yet.  
Arno Garrels

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