Arno Garrels wrote:
> Paul Read wrote:
>> THanks for that information I therefore tweaked
>> 'AuthDigestParseChallenge' so that Info.Qop is set to 'auth' if no
>> Qop value is given and now the right MD5 is calculated and the server
>> accepts the data.
> I'd say this is a server-side bug. 

Though it might be a ICS bug in the RFC 2069 implementation as well,
but I have no idea where. Digest calculation is simple in RFC 2069 and
the same calculation is also used as one part of the RFC 2617 calc. 

> It obviously understands a RFC 2617
> digest however sends an obsolete RFC 2069 WWW-Authenticate response
> header. 

Well, that seems OK as long as the server supports both RFC 2069 and 
RFC 2617 clients.  

> If I'm not totally misreading this sentence:
> "qop-options
>      This directive is optional, but is made so only for backward
>      compatibility with RFC 2069 [6];"
> it means that if the qop directive is missing we have to assume RFC
> 2069 which calculates the digest differently. 

If not, ICS clients won't be able to authenticate with true old RFC 2069

Arno Garrels

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