> I am working on a download manager, and using the HTTPMultipartdownloader
> For now I have 5 different HTTPMultipartdownloader components on my form,
but I think 
> I should be able to do it with only 1. like HTTPMultipartdownloader[xx]  ?

It depends on the requirements for your application. A few questions:
1) Do you want to download several files simultaneously or sequentially ?
2) To download one single file, do you want to download it normally or use
the several simultaneous connection to download several parts of the same
file at the same time ?

Question 1 will tell you if you need one (sequential download) or many
(parallel download) components.
Question 2 will tell you is you need the THttpCli component (normal
download) or the MultipartHTTP component (sevral parts of the same file

Actually the multipart component is using several THttpCli component to
download several parts of the same file at the same time using the HTTP
"range" option. This is useful when you have a host server with a simple
bandwidth limitation. Using the multipart component, you'll go much faster.
If the host server has an intelligent bandwidth limiter, this won't change
anything and if it has no bandwidth limiter, you'll actually slow down the

Also don't forget that if you download 10 files simultaneously, each one
with 10 simultaneous parts, you'll end up with ONE HUNDRED simultaneous
connections. Thinks about the required power on your client computer and
network infrastructure.
By the way, when using appropriate hardware and OS, ICS is able to handle
several THOUSANDS simultaneous connections. This won't work with all
configurations because of OS or hardware limitation.

The author of the freeware multi-tier middleware MidWare
The author of the freeware Internet Component Suite (ICS)

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