Thank you all for your information.

Working now with the THttpCLI component instead.
Got most of it to work now..
But have no clue where the data is put when the download is finished.
With the HTTPMultipartdownloader I can use a Filestream, but do not see that
in the THttpCLI component ?


The normal THttpCli component is fine for most downloading, but don't drop
them on the form, instead create them in code as a array and assign all the
properties and events in code, using the same events for all instances of
the component (this is what HTTPMultipartdownloader does itself).  

    MyHTTPCli: array [0..9] of THttpCli; procedure onHttpDataEvent (Sender :
TObject; Buffer : Pointer; Len :
    procedure onHttpCommand (Sender: TObject; var S: String) ;
    procedure onHttpHeaderData (Sender : TObject);
    procedure onHttpSessionConnected (Sender : TObject);

for I := 0 to 9 do begin
    MyHTTPCli [I] := THTTPCli.Create (Self) ;
    with MyHTTPCli [I] do begin 
        Tag := I ;  // so we can identify each instance        
        OnDocData := onHttpDataEvent ;
        OnCommand := onHttpCommand ;
        OnHeaderData := onHttpHeaderData ;
        OnSessionConnected := onHttpSessionConnected ;
        etc, etc, 
    end ;
end ;


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