> Please read my previous messages in TWSocket. There are just
> two 'small' bugs:
> 1) property Location doesn't include the port number and
> 2) the Host header lacks the port number as well which is the
> reason why your php script reports port 80 though the client
> actually is connected to port 8080.
> The fix in standard cases ( no proxy and no SSL ) is rather simple.
> However a fix that works with SSL and all proxy authentications
> is not trivial since everything has to be tested carefully.
> I've currently not enough spare time to fix it.

Thanks Arno.

It's interesting that the script reports the wrong port but the connection is
made on port 8080. I suppose you had to use Wireshark to confirm that.

Do you have enough time to fix the simple stuff at least (whatever can easily
be fixed) and leave the more time consuming stuff for later? Or is it the case
that there is no simple fixes possible due to proxy and SSL issues?


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