Arno Garrels wrote:
> There are just two 'small' bugs:
> 1) property Location doesn't include the port number and> 2) the Host header 
> lacks the port number as well which is the
> reason why your php script reports port 80 though the client
> actually is connected to port 8080.
> The fix in standard cases ( no proxy and no SSL ) is rather simple.
> However a fix that works with SSL and all proxy authentications
> is not trivial since everything has to be tested carefully.
> I've currently not enough spare time to fix it.

Well, I should have said "not enough spare time to test it very
carefully" Here is a fix that is briefly tested once without proxy
and once with squid proxy and NTLM authentication in V8 only:
These units are based on latest svn revision.
Please let us know how it works for you (you have to rename the
units, replace your local OverbyteIcsHttpProt.pas and rebuild). 


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