Sent Avast an email explaining what you run in, they are very reasonable to make changes.


On 12-10-2013 15:32, Dod wrote:

This is not new fact, AV containing Network layer filtering may have
bad impact over network performances and also can change data content
on-the-fly (especially on HTTP/POP/SMTP protocols).

But take care that deactivating is sometimes not enought, depending AV
the  way  they  deactivate is not by unloading Network Filter but just
turning  it into "don't filter anything" but data are still going thru
the filter and this may still have an impact.


LB> Resolved: The issue came from AVAST antivirus, which is altering the 
connection content in some way.
LB> When Avast is deactivated: no more error
LB> When Avast agent are activated:
LB> - some tcp packets get altered, leading to unstable state in ICS http 
server post request processing
LB> - some connections are dropped, leading to 10061 error, when multiple 
connections are open in parallel threads
LB> Avast version was: 8.0.1489. Updated to latest version (8.0.1497) with same 
LB> The issue is systematically reproducible.

LB> Glad that the issue was not in ICS code, as I have strong expectations on 
LB> Be aware that even if not the responsibility of ICS code, Avast can block 
or alter connection and trigger invalid states on server side, which is annoying 
as it is widely spreaded

LB> Thanks & regards,
LB> Laurent

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LB>  De : François Piette <>
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LB> Objet : Re: [twsocket] Post data lost
LB> Hello Laurent,

LB> As far as I can see, your code is working properly. Client always display
"NNN>> Request OK with answer: 20" with NNN being the request number.
LB> Server always display:
LB> PostDocument: NNN
LB> Before answer: PostDocument=NNN PostedData=NNN-1
LB> PostedData: NNN

LB> Having NNN the request number.

LB> It also display "Breakpoint on lost data here!" for all requests except the
LB> first. This is normal behavior of your code since you display this message
LB> if OTADeltaCount is > 1 and you only increment OTADeltaCount global
LB> variable. Btw: You should not use global variable.

LB> I compiled your application using XE5 and ICS-V8 released (not using the
LB> copy of ICS files you sent).

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LB> Embarcadero MVP

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LB> Laurent Breysse
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À : tw >>> ICS support mailing
LB> Objet : [twsocket] Post data lost

LB> Hello,
LB> When testing my webservice I saw that POST data could be lost: the
LB> OnPostedData handler of the http server component is never called, despite
LB> the hgAcceptData set in OnPostDocument.
LB> I have reproduced this issue with a simple http server, based on the WebServ
LB> sample The use case: repeated sequential posts sent with a indy client
LB> component, with a basic query string (56 bytes long) Most POST are correctly
LB> handled, but some are simply dropped.

LB> In ICS code, the issue leads to the THttpConnection.ConnectionDataSent
LB> method:
LB> on line 4565 (v8 gold release), FState is reset to hcRequest On the
LB> following line, the comment { no stream usually means just a header string
LB> has been sent } is wrong in this case, a querystring has been sent. FDocSize
LB> equals 0 at this time.
LB> Next, in THttpConnection.ParseRequest, the FMethod is then initialized with
LB> the content of the query string (the above 56 bytes)

LB> I'm new to ICS so I was not able to push further the analysis.
LB> No clue if this a bug, I could simply provide sample code to reproduce the
LB> issue.
LB> Any advise welcome,

LB> Regards,
LB> Laurent
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