I am having trouble deleting messages in Gmail via POP3. This is part of an
alarm/acknowledgment system that works fine with other POP3 servers. 

A user responds to an email (alarm) I sent, I fetch the message, parse it
and then delete it (Pop3ReadOnly.Dele;). 

Gmail responds OK, message marked for deletion.

Later, another email is sent to a user, he responds, I use "Stat" and get
back there are 2 messages . The first one really was not deleted. I try to
walk the list of messages, get the end of the list first and walk backwards
(> RETR 2 ) and I get:

" < -ERR Selected message already marked for deletion."

TSslPop3Cli stops processing (no other callbacks) and I am stuck. The error
response only comes in on the OnDisplay callback. I guess I could put some
code in there looking for that string (hope it never changes) and take some
action but, I am not sure what action to take. Try "> RETR 1"?


I have tested all the code on two other ISP POP3/SMTP accounts and the
code/logic/system works as designed. Actually has been working for a while.




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