Hi Doug

No tokens here... I tested for several hours.

Win8.1 Build 9600/XE6/ICS Gold

Did you also test in "windows 7 safe mode with networking" ? Same problem there.. ?

Did you scan your system (sfc /scannow) to make sure that your windows 7 is ok?
( http://pcsupport.about.com/od/toolsofthetrade/ht/sfc-scannow.htm )


Am 15.08.2014 06:44, schrieb Doug Billi:
Here are some recent stats (including the handle list) of the HTTP Server 
application processing 100 TPS.  I've set the THttpServer's MaxClients and 
ListenBacklog properties to 2000 each for this test (the application here 
hasn't been modified, I just added the stats).

I've seen the problem in both client and server, but these stats are just for 
the server.



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On 13-08-2014 18:04, Doug Billi wrote:
BTW: I used process explorer to right click on the executable, select 
'properties' and then the 'performance' tab.
  From there you can't see the type of handles so I suppose you are using the lower 
pane, menu View>ShowLowerPane and View>LowerPaneView>Handles, to see the type 
of open handles. Or are you using another application for that?

The problem is that I don't see any of these token handles you talk about. Use 
the Process Explorer save function to save the list of handles to a text file 
and post the content here, so I can check if the type of handles you have are 
the same.

Do you have these type of handles just after starting the application or after 
the number of handles start to rise?

The problem occurs in both server and client or just in one of them?

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