> I believe there is an issue with UNICODE messages and the SSL SMTP 
> Client component.  I have not been able to create and send a UNICODE 
> message with the SSL SMTP Client component in which the message
> encodes and decodes properly.  Attached are 8 sample messages.  

Attachments are not allowed in the mail list since few of the hundreds of
people here will be interested in them.

Please make sure you are using the latest V8.04 of OverbyteIcsSmtpProt.pas, no
point in testing old versions. 

Will you please send your eight sample messages to icstes...@ftptest.org
with the subject set with the parameters and protocol used to send each message,
with SMTP server set to  mail.ftptest.org which supports SSL connections.  This
is one of my mail servers so I have all the protocol logs to see what you

However, the SSL and non-SSL components are identical, the SSL version is a
superset of the non-SSL version, SSL only effects low level stuff in the
component, difficult to understand how message formatting can be effected. 


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