Hello developpers,


My program crash with a Stack Overflow exception wich i can't catch but i
can easely reproduce :


I start a server program S and a client program C the client is started in
debug mode.


Both S and C use TWSocket class as server and client.


Server :

Send small chunk of text data with : 




The client retrieve data with :

mpWSocket->OnDataAvailable = DataAvailable;


So the program works very well, 


but if the client program C blocked on a breakpoint, after a while (maybe
500 chunks of 80 characters sent by the server S)


the server S crash, i can see a stack overflow error by starting S in debug
mode and in release mode window show an alert < The program  has stopped
working >.



The problem is that, apparently, i can crash the server from the client, 


here with a breakpoint but if i a popup a Messagebox it block the client
program and crash the server S in the same way.


Isn't it a big security problem ?



Maybe it is just property to set on the server to catch this exception but
wich one ?


PS 1 : every write are enclosed with a try { } catch(...) {}


PS 2 : It happens with OverbyteICS r1196 and r1250 in debug mode (I can't
compile and install release mode because it doesn't find controls.dcu on
both versions).


Thanks in advance for your help.

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