Just found serious problem of TWSocket/TSmtpCli:
infinite loop around DoRecv/DataAvailable in TWSocket !

It's happens only with some misconfigured/buggy MX servers.

I found it while testing our smtp server based on ICS.

If they try to deliver mail to domain nmact.org 
(MX server is nmact1.nmact.org) - ICS hangs immediately after
TSmtpCli.Connect call to that MX, and TSmtCli.OnRequestDone never

How to reproduce:

1.Run OverbyteIcsMailSnd demo.

2.Enter nmact1.nmact.org to "Smtp host" field.

3. Press Connect button. Demo app will stop responding immediately.

ICS now in infinite loop between


Yes, nmact1.nmact.org is misconfigured (i check it using sniffer - they
return 4096 bytes of
zeroes (\0) as reply) but ICS should handle all situations anyway.

With best regards, Max Terentiev.
Business Software Products.
AMS Development Team.

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