Il 30/11/2015 13:05, Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd ha scritto:

After Server Hello, ICS is sending Certificate, but at this point
Chrome disconnects.
It seems that Chrome is not expecting the certificate at this point.
Is there a ICS configuration that disables certificate transmission?
An SSL client can not start sending encrypted data until it has received a 
certificate with a public key and then negotiated an encryption cipher.

Hi Angus, thanks for you reply.
Have you checked Chrome Hangouts SSL connection? I included Wireshark capture. It seems there is no certificate exchange.
How do you explain this?

The whole SSL certificate handshake process is controlled by OpenSSL, not ICS, 
is generally very reliable provided you have installed a proper SSL certificate 
the server and any intermediate certificates needed to verify it.

We already use ICS SSL for HTTPS with certificate and it works as expected.
We would like to handle this SSL connection too but it's not clear what is happening there.


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