Hi everyone,
I'm trying to establish a connection from Chrome WebRTC ssltcp ICE candidate to ICS SSL TCP socket server.
This is a media connection used by Google Hangouts.
This connection should be a standard SSL connection but ICS behaves differently from Hangouts server and I don't know why.

Here follows Hangouts SSL handshake.

Note that Chrome sends a Client Hello without any extension. Standard HTTPS requests have a number of extensions inside Client Hello.


This is Hangouts server reply. It's identical to ICS server reply.


After this, this is what I see from Wireshark:

The socket is already being used to send encryted data.
Note that client sends the first packet.
For more details, download wireshark capture from here.

ICS behaves differently.
Client Hello and Server Hello are absolutely identical.
After Server Hello, ICS is sending Certificate, but at this point Chrome disconnects.

From Chrome debug log:

[6760:10528:1127/153804:WARNING:socket_host_tcp.cc(223)] Error from connecting TLS socket, status=-9 [7784:11068:1127/153804:INFO:tcpport.cc(402)] Jingle:Conn[0000000005FE1700:audio:jwf0iNh/:1:0:local:tcp:>BEMy0XiZ:1:65535:local:ssltcp:|---W|281473718042110|-]: Connection closed with error 0

Status = -9 corresponds to

// An unexpected error. This may be caused by a programming mistake or an
// invalid assumption.

It seems that Chrome is not expecting the certificate at this point.

Is there a ICS configuration that disables certificate transmission?

Thanks in advance.

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