> I have prepared two test projects. There is one TMagIpLog 
> component dropped on form for each project. One test project is
> listening its local TCP port

Impossible to say what is wrong from your partial code and lack of any
attempt to log activities in the applications. You should be reporting
everything in LogChangeEvent, instead you are ignoring all errors.  

I suggest you run two instance of the sample application that comes
with TMagIpLog, one as server, one as client, so you see them
connecting together, then replace one with your and fix it until it
works, then the second one similarly. 

One common problem with this sort of thing is the Windows Firewall that
blocks applications listening by default.  

I always used to turn off the firewall, since I have a proper hardware
firewall, but Windows 10 Update no longer seems to work with the
firewall disabled so I'm learning to live with it, and trying to write
a component to update it's rules...


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