> our software will open a SHOWMODAL dialog to the response of
> a message from the server, that is parsed with our protocol 
> parser from within the OnDataAvailable event of the socket, and
> this behavior completely broken our software because now
> everytime it opens a form from within the dataavailable event
> (indirectly), the socket will no longer process any more messages
> while the form is open, and I guess that this is wrong...

We have always said any processing within ICS event handlers will stop
further data being processed.  Calling a modal dialog is a blocking
event, so I'm surprised your application ever worked, rather than it's
stopped working. 

A better solution would be to post a message that opens the window, so
the event handler continues processing.  

Not quite sure why the V8.22 change in wsocket made this change, but it
was an important bug fix that preventing ICS locking up on heavy
traffic, so very reluctant to change it.  

I think I saw this problem in one of my own applications a few days ago,
when a log window was opened, it's on my list to investigate. 


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