> Would you at least take a look at it again? Adding that line in 
> SSL socket before actually checking if SSL is being used is
> changing the behavior of the base class and breaking compatibility

I have reviewed the change again, it effectively fixed bugs in both SSL
and non-SSL version of ICS that allowed the onDataAvailable event to be
called recursively, ie called a second time, before the first event was

The WSAASyncSelect function stops new read messages being processed
until the current data has been read, and then re-enables reading again.

So effectively your application was making use of a long term serious
bug in ICS, recursively calling onDataAvailable, that may have caused
serious problems in other applications.  The ICS user that found this
bug provided a demo application that stalled under heavy traffic  until
the bug was fixed. 

Suppressing the WSAASyncSelect option simply re-enabled recursion,
although this would only become obvious with heavy traffic.  


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