False alarm, I see that SSL handshake is negotiated after receiving response from proxy. That line was using HTTP proxy not Socks. I haven't seen servers that support SSL socks negotiation either. While it really has some sense (complete hiding all the communication including the host addresses), it's quite rare and probably hard to implement (will need two SSL negotiations).

A little googling suggests the SOCKS protocols do not officially
support SSL, although some implementations like Wingate will accept an
SSL/TLS connection before the SOCKS protocol is negotiated.

But that would not be end to end SSL, since the proxy would be making a
non-HTTP connection.

There are a couple of SSL SOCKS projects on Github, but not looked to
see what they offer.

My current feeling is we should fix SOCKS if it has got broken by new
ICS releases, but any SOCKS improvements will need to be commercially



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