The info in that readme.txt needs to be enhanced.
I've created a custom configuration file, at the "Configurations" folder, with the next content

## -*- mode: perl; -*-
## Personal configuration targets

%targets = (
    "VC-WIN32-rtt" => {
        inherit_from     => [ "VC-WIN32" ],
        cflags           => sub{my $v=pop; $v=~ s/\/MD/\/MT/ig; return $v},
        lflags           => "/nologo",

    "VC-WIN64A-rtt" => {
        inherit_from     => [ "VC-WIN64A" ],
        cflags           => sub{my $v=pop; $v=~ s/\/MD/\/MT/ig; return $v},
        lflags           => "/nologo",

I can then configure the build like this:

   perl configure VC-WIN32-rtt

This custom config makes the necessary changes, to the official targets, to remove the runtime dependencies and to not create debug information (the reason your dlls are bigger).


I'm trying to build OpenSSL 1.1.0g myself using commands from Readme.txt

Build Commands:
                   perl configure VC-WIN32
                   editbin.exe /rebase:base=0x11000000 libcrypto-1_1.dll
                   editbin.exe /rebase:base=0x12000000 libssl-1_1.dll

Should not readme also include changing /MD to /MT flag in makefile to avoid MS 
RTL dll dependencies?

Any idea why my dlls are much larger than yours? e.g. my libssl-1_1.dll is 
745472 bytes vs yours 359728 bytes

I'm using Visual Studio 2017 instead of 2015, but I don't think it should 
affect it this much. Maybe there are other flags that need to be set?

Also any chance that will be changed to work over https? I'm 
kind of wary of downloading OpenSSL binaries over unencrypted connection.

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