Hello Aurelio,

Aurélio Jargas a écrit :
> Hello Emmanuel,
> The filter tricks Paul told you will work when not using --no-headers,
> so you've got the default txt2tags generated headers. Then smart
> filters (postproc) can change the code to your needs.
> But as you're using your customized headers, txt2tags leaves to you
> the task to fill them.
Yes that is exactly the problem. And the HEADER1,HEADER2 macros are not 
supposed to be used within t2t files I guess...
> Since you're already automating things with make, there's a solution I
> can think of now. Do use something similar to templates. Put a special
> string in your header.html file, like _DOC_TITLE:
> --------------------------------
> <html>
> <head><title>_DOC_TITLE</title></head>
> <body>
> --------------------------------
> Then create a simple table of "filename.t2t - Document Title" in your
> Makefile, using sed to insert the correct title on header.html
> (substituting _DOC_TITLE), depending on the filename.
 > Tell us if that worked!

I appreciate your suggestion, but I am really looking for something 
*simple*. Actually, I already have my own homemade (sed m4 perl) scripts 
and I want to migrate everything to txt2tags (because it is multi 
targets and it rocks. really).

I realize that I maybe need a longer post to explain exactly what I am 
looking for...


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