a écrit :
> I use postproc lines to change the headers where necessary:
> add text to the title:
> %!postproc(xhtml): '</title>' ' - friendly matches, Sunday cricket, 
> Surrey &amp; Hants</title>'
That means that you are using something like
%!include(html):header.html, no? As I said, I use --no-headers *and*
(automatic, ie Makefile) concatenation of the header.html and the file
obtained from txt2tags. This way, I don't have to remember to add a 
%!include at the beginning of *all* of my file, or to put, as you 
suggest, the real title in the config part of my t2t files.

Your answer is interesting and achieves what I was asking for but I do
not find it really easy. Maybe it's personnal? :)

> add meta tags:
> %!postproc(xhtml): '<meta' '<meta name="description" content="Cricket 
> friendlies" />\n<meta'
This trick is really interesting. Thanks.

> I think something similar is used in the t2t website too.
You are right. I should have a look at this very example...



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