Hello Emmanuel,

On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 12:54, Emmanuel Godard
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> I appreciate your suggestion, but I am really looking for something
> *simple*. Actually, I already have my own homemade (sed m4 perl) scripts
> and I want to migrate everything to txt2tags (because it is multi
> targets and it rocks. really).

I guess you're on the right way :)

The txt2tags site and my personal site (aurelio.net) are two examples
of large sites managed 100% by txt2tags. No make/sed/shell/python
scripts involved. There's some "magic" you can learn by reading the


> I realize that I maybe need a longer post to explain exactly what I am
> looking for...

Please, fell free to write it!


Aurélio Marinho Jargas

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