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On Sat, Nov 21, 2009 at 08:51, Forgeot Eric <eforg...@yahoo.fr> wrote:
> I'd like to create a project based on txt2tags, and include it to general 
> linux distributions. To do so, I'd need people to load a configuration from a 
> kind of /usr/share/myproject/configuration.t2t but depending on distributions 
> or installation it may become  /usr/local/share/myproject/configuration.t2t 
> or /opt/myproject/configuration.t2t etc.
> Is there a way to include for example a file from a $PATH so people could 
> just call "includeconf configuration.t2t" and txt2tags would search for this 
> file in the $PATH, or any other / better solution?

And if a file called configuration.t2t exists on the current folder? I
don't like these smart assumptions, I do prefer explicit paths.

One possible solution is to support an optional global configuration
file, for all users. The default name/location could be txt2tags.conf
at the same folder as the txt2tags program, or the user can specify
another path on the environment variable TXT2TAGS_CONFIG or something.

Do you think it would solve your problem?

Aurélio | www.aurelio.net | @oreio

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