> Any idea how to do
> this in txt2tags
> man/nroff?  The non-blanking space solution may work
> great for HTML,
> but no idea how to do the same for man/nroff at the
> moment.

What about:

%!postproc: '@sp@' ' ' 


It's not very elegant, anyway it's working for me on Linux, but I can't tell 
for other unix:

|| Table Heading | Table Heading |
|          Table |     align     |
|          test space |      @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ 
@sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ @sp@ 
@sp@       |
|      with cell |     nice!     |

I've tried on opensolaris 2009.6, it seems the spaces are present, but I can't 
make your escape sequence to work on the first line so I can't see the table.


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