On 04/03/2010 09:38, Aurélio Jargas wrote:
>>> And let's beatdown that markdown ;)
>> In real life markdown is already beaten by the extra features of txt2tags 
>> (pre/postproc) and by a better and more logical syntax, but unfortunately 
>> markdown is much more popular than txt2tags. Maybe it's because it's only 
>> using php and is therefore more accessible for web usage?
> Command line is not for everyone, so I guess this is a huge negative
> point of txt2tags for some. Yes we have a minimalist GUI and a web
> interface, but they're not very useful in the real world, were you
> have to convert multiple files. But for those who knows what to do in
> the console, a guess txt2tags is a handy tool. I never looked for the
> mainstream and txt2tags doesn't have appeal to the masses, starting by
> its ugly name :)
Well, one of quite mainstream objectives could be to have txt2tags 
syntax enabled in most wikis. I am pretty sure people would love not to 
have to learn a new wiki syntax for each new wiki.
But that means having a pure php implementation. Anyone here knowing php?


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