The strength of markdown is the php module which allows to use the markdown 
syntax almost "everywhere":

There is also this nice tool, markdown in javascript:

It seems for many project it's normal to support the markdown syntax, as an 
"universal" and very widespread syntax: The 
list of supporting software and plugin is amazingly huge: Wordpress, Drupal, 
typo, MoinMoin (among others) etc.

Besides, it must be quite easy to support Markdown because of the php module 
(all those projects are using php themselves).

Txt2tags is kind to be able to export to Dokuwiki for example (and paste the 
code into a dokuwiki form), but it would be much nicer to be able to write 
directly txt2tags on a project using dokuwiki. It's the reason why I made a 
(almost complete) pmwiki module so I can write using txt2tags syntax on a 
pmwiki website (without converting any code).

Having a php implementation of txt2tags would probably help, but txt2tags is 
much more than just a syntax and a converter, there are also the macros (pre 
and postproc), so should it be implemented also? Anyway I think the base syntax 
would already be great.

About the article on txt2tags, I'm doing it somehow differently: I'm writing 
now a step by step tutorial in French for using txt2tags, including advanced 
features, and I'll translate some parts for my article(s). Too often when 
talking about txt2tags and lightweight markup, people are asking "why another 
wiki/markup syntax, there is already markdown, mediawiki and restructuredtext?" 
They don't know txt2tags began in 2001... They also don't know about the macros 
and such.

If I hope more people learn about txt2tags, it's for better support and cool 
software we could get if txt2tags were more widespread!

--- En date de : Jeu 4.3.10, Emmanuel Godard <> 
a écrit :

> Well, one of quite mainstream objectives could be to have
> txt2tags 
> syntax enabled in most wikis. I am pretty sure people would
> love not to 
> have to learn a new wiki syntax for each new wiki.
> But that means having a pure php implementation. Anyone
> here knowing php?


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