I've improved the txt2tags definition for the Kate (KDE) editor:


You can vote for it if you're using KDE, it may help to get it integrated 
sooner. It seems it hadn't been updated for some years as there is a reference 
to KDE 3.2, which was released in 2004.

This new definition will add:

- the strikeout syntax
- underline will be shown as underline instead of bold
- titles with anchors, such as ==Title 1==[anchor] will be recognised as such
- code folding!

--- En date de : Mar 3.8.10, Emmanuel Godard <emmanuel.god...@lif.univ-mrs.fr> 
a écrit :

> Thanks for your work Eric.
> It is nice to see that not everybody is on holidays at this
> point of the year :-)

thank you for your comment.

In fact I'm in holidays now, so I have even more time to work on txt2tags :)


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