Hey guys, it's me again.

I was creating a "config" file to be used in all the documents in a
project and one thing I wanted to do was "auto-anchor" titles.

I have titles like so:
= An Awesome Heading =

and I have the following preproc so far:
%%!preproc: '^=+(.*?)=+$' '\g<0>[\1]'

This gets me this far:
= An Awesome Heading =[ An Awesome Heading ]

I can easily modify the regex to remove the outside spaces:
= An Awesome Heading =[An Awesome Heading]

but that doesn't quite cover it.  Is there a way to strip spaces (and
other bad characters) from a section of a line.  I have considered
brute-forcing it but that isn't pretty and can only handle a set amount
of words.
%!preproc: '^=+\s*(\S*?)\s*(\S*?)\s*(\S*?)\s*(\S*?)\s*=+$' '\g<0>[\1\2\3\4]'

This last one works but is super ugly.  Does anyone have and suggestions?

Thanks, Kevin

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