I was thinking about switching some documents to t2t after finding some
limitations in other plain-text mark-up languages.

The biggest thing that I would like to see is some sort of named
sections.  For example if I want to put a warning or sidenote it would
be nice to have it delimited by a colored box or other thing.  I noticed
that a lot of output formats support some time of section or division
that can be styled.

If I want to limit my docs to html I can simply use: ''<div
class="warning">'' and ''</div>'' but then I can only get html output
(and AFAIK there are no conditional macros).

I think that this is a common feature and it would be nice to have some
syntax for it.  My first thoughts are "{{class text}}" for inline and
"{{{class line" for one line and "{{{class" closed with "}}}" for
multi-line.  I chose braces because they have different opening and
closing allowing nesting and I tried to match your syntax for quoted and
non-parsed areas.  Also the name-space combination matches links.

I was thinking that you could add a separator if you wish ("{{{class: ...").

I was wondering what you guys think.  I'm sorry if something like this
was proposed but I couldn't find any record of it.

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