Seeing as this going into the wiki here are some corrections:

Nokia E61 uses the S60v3 platform on Symbian 9.1 but if you can manage
to get Python and the Python Shell Script on your Symbian phone then
this should work on those phones as well.

Python PyS60 1.4.5 is easiest to run on an e61, PyS60 2.0.0 is
difficult to load (I could never get it to run). PyS60 1.4.5 is based
on Python 2.2--txt2tags v2.5 compatible.

Install PyS60 Python 1.4.5 and Python Script Shell 1.4.5

Download from the web a Python 2.2 version of and txt2tags-2.5

Rename the txt2tags script to, so you can import it as a
module. There's a handy function exec_command_line() that you can use.

import sys #will allow you to load your script and load module from somewhere else other than "c:\\resource", this
folder is off-limits in the e61 and is where the python modules are
stored when PyS60 is installed to the phone.

sys.path.append("c:\\Python") #please note incorrectly written as
"e:\\Python" in the list message above as the Python folder is on the
c:\\ drive when installed to the phone

import getopt #needed to run txt2tags
import txt2tags #now you can run txt2tags commands on *.t2t files

>From Aurelio's example above:

The txt2tags built-in command-line expects to receive the full command
line as a list of tokens, except the very first item. Examples:

    txt2tags --help  --->  ['--help']

    txt2tags -t html -i sample.t2t  --->  ['-t', 'html', '-i', 'sample.t2t']

To make things easier, you can use split to create the list:

    '-t html -i sample.t2t'.split()

So, just enter in Python shell, import txt2tags and have fun:

>>> import txt2tags
>>> txt2tags.exec_command_line( '-t html -i e:\\samples/sample.t2t'.split() )
txt2tags wrote samples/sample.html #"e:\\" for minisd card on the e61
"c:\\" for phone memory

Txt2tags will write the converted file in the same folder as the *.t2t file.

Kind Regards, Nicholas

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