Hi all.

I'm trying to find a way to get interpreted marks inside a title tag or a
named link.  For example, say I want a section of my document to have the

Why *Wuthering Heights* should not be taught in school

Doing this the naive way

  == Why //Wuthering Heights// should not be taught in school ==

doesn't work, because marks are not interpreted inside of title tags.  The
only thing I've been able to figure out is to use a postproc filter like

%!postproc(html): "TAG{(.*?)}" <\1>

and then use this inside the title tags:

  == Why TAG{i}Wuthering HeightsTAG{/i} should not be taught in school ==

Of course, this makes me sad for many reasons.  A similar problem happens
in named links, and I'm sure in many other places where marks aren't
interpreted.  I've looked and looked and can't find a nice way to do this.
 Does anyone have any advice for me?


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