Thanks for this
But rather than your «Instruction ¶1 Create a CSS file»
I was hoping for a ready-made CSS with sidebar
(as offered  by asciidoctor_stylesheet_factory
for asciidoc)
Perhaps there aren't any?
Richard H

On 01/08/2017 06:18 PM, Little Girl wrote:
> Hey there,
> rch wrote:
>>   Question -
>>       Are there any demonstration pages of different CSS
>>     for html made by txt2tags?
> I've got a txt2tags cheat sheet on-line. It has a CSS section that
> contains a link to a zip file with examples of three different
> ways to use CSS with txt2tags:
> The zip file hasn't been updated in three years, but the information
> it contains should still be applicable. If you decide to check it out
> and think it needs to be updated and I'll play around with it to see
> what can be done to move it into the future.

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